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  • Consignors make 60% profit on their sold items
  • There is a $10 consignor fee IF you donate ALL of your items after the event. There is a $15 consignor fee IF you do not donate all of your items after the event. Consignors that forget to pick up their items after the sale will be charged the $15 consignor fee.
  • Help and make a higher percentage on their sold items

Perfect Consignor Status

November PC list will be posted Nov5th

Perfect Consignor Rules and Guidelines:

We have come up with a tangible way to thank our consignors who consistently follow the JBF guidelines and bring great items to the sale. If you go through inspection and have less than 3% of your items that are stained/damaged/unacceptable/recalled, items that got pulled at drop off OR during the sale, your name will be added to a list which allows you to bypass inspection at your NEXT SALE! During extra busy times this could save you a lot of time. (Example: You bring 100 items and you have less than 3 items rejected, you have made the PC list!)

*PLEASE NOTE: The total number of items recorded as "dropped off" at the sale for the PC status is taken from the JBF tagging site.

If you qualify for this you will need to check the perfect consignor list to make sure your number is listed.

How do I qualify and keep my Perfect Consignor status?

Ø You must NOT have more than 3% of your items rejected during the inspection process due to dirt, stains, tears, wrong season, etc.

Ø You must NOT have more than 3% of your  items pulled off of the sales floor due to dirt, stains, tears, wrong season, etc.

Ø You do NOT have to participate in consecutive sales.  The only way to lose your Perfect Consignor status is to have more than 3% of your items rejected.

It’s that easy! Your name will be placed on the Perfect Consignor list  and you can SKIP INSPECTION! All you will need to do is check in and put your items out on the floor.

*This is for the only for the Longmont and Arvada JBF Sales

We appreciate those consignors who spend the extra time at home ensuring that their items are stain free and tagged correctly!


Remember we have a 20 item minimum per consignor unless you are bringing large items. Toy sale 5 item minimum. Contact Laura if you have questions. laura@jbfsale.com


You can tag anytime! Our tagging site is open year-round, so get a jump start on your tagging.
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Tagging kits are available  Click HERE for more info.

Consignor DROP OFF TIMES & Express Drop Off Times


3p-5p Appointment (over 300 items)
5p-8p Working Parents

8a-10a A-M (last name)
10a-12p N-Z (last name)

Scroll down for Drop Off Instructions:

Make sure that all items are clean and tagged (with barcoded tag). ALL TAGS MUST BE DONE ONLINE.  Log into your profile and click on ENTER TAGS.  Please make sure that they are the correct size and your printer is set on the correct resolution. We will turn away tags that do not scan or are the wrong size. We will accept JBF tags ONLY.
All clothing must be in gender and size order.  All toys must have batteries and all electronics must work!

During Drop-Off:

  1. Check in (without your items)
  2. Go to car and bring in items and place in square on floor
  3. Put your items out on floor
  4. Pick up presale passes


EXPRESS DROP OFF TIMES: see times below

This is for those who have troubles dropping off. WE WILL ONLY ACCEPT CONSIGNORS WITH 400 ITEMS OR LESS. There is a fee for this service.

Express Drop Off is:
Up to 200 items - $20
201-400 items - $40
Over 400 items - $20 per 200 items

6pm - Express Drop Off
7pm - Express Drop Off
8pm - Express Drop Off






* NOTE: If you are unable to pick-up your items, you must arrange for a family member or friend to do so in your place or you can donate your itmes.

After the sale, your items will be sorted and ready for you to pick-up at the scheduled consignor pick-up time. It is our hope that we will be able to tell you, "you sold it all!" But, in case you have a few items remaining, please arrive for pick-up within the scheduled time because we are unable to hold any items. All items remaining will be donated to our children's charity.

IMPORTANT: Items not picked-up on-time will be donated immediately following consignor pick-up.

Check out our video library with easy-to-follow instructions and tips to make the most money for your items! Various item preparations are covered to take the guesswork out of your tagging.